Big Projects


2020 - 2021

49.5kg began as a response to ableist notions of illness and the romanticisation of caring for a sick loved one. Through a collaboration with my sister, a fully rounded and honest narrative of illness and caretaking is portrayed with the intention of educating and engaging an audience in conversations about carer and disability rights, treatment, and representation.

Collaboration with Georgia Francis

Link to the performance will be available on the degree show opening day (Thurs 27th)

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This Is A Migraine Attack

2020 - 2021

During lockdown I launched a public art project called ‘This Is A Migraine Attack’, with the intention of raising awareness and depicting chronic migraine pain, that myself and others within the community experience daily.

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The Extinction of Folklore

2019 - 2020

The Extinction of Folklore, my 3rd year project, shows a pink, fleshy, Kelpie skeleton crawling from a pond. The skeleton was based on the measurements of a large foal and consisted of 34 polymer clay bones that linked together.

The Extinction of Folklore was inspired by the notion that humanity’s connection to the world of our ancestors has dwindled, taking with it our belief in magic and fantastic creatures; as such the infancy of the creature was key as it represented the loss of childlike wonderment.

Based on my love of dinosaurs i wanted to create a piece that would be able to capture the imagination of people of all ages. By creating a skeleton i allowed the viewer to imagine how a Kelpie may have looked, behaved and lived, as well as indicating that this was a 'Lost World'.

During the piece's exhibition it was broken and thrown apart by a man who claimed the work was vandalism. At the time i was heartbroken that my Kelpie Skeleton (affectionately named Feline) had been destoyed. However, in hindsight, i believe it adds to the work. Here i am, an imaginative little kid creating folklore, and another person destroys it - it truly is the extinction of folklore.

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A Painting Of Fainting

2018 - 2019

A Painting of Fainting highlights the physicality of my sister's multiple chronic illnesses. In this work i was able to put myself in her shoes and experience the impact of my body continuously hitting the floor - i dislocated my shoulder completing this work. The prints were shown on the floor, allowing the audience to observe, avoid, or walk over; those who walked over the prints demonstrated the common perception of my sister as invisible and the lack of help, support, and understanding she has received over the years from medical professionals, friends, and the public. 


The prints were made by covering myself in black acrylic paint and attempting to fall lifelessly onto pieces of precut canvas. 


The Petrified Self


Inspired by Francesca Woodman's photography and research on Mother Shipton’s Cave and the Petrifying Well, which is famous for turning objects to stone, I created a series of photographs wherein I lathered my body in mud in an attempt to become petrified. The work aimed to portray the dual meaning of ‘petrified’, evoking a sense of both fear and self-preservation; a petrified object is encased in a stony material, thus protecting its insides, echoing the idea of the psychic skin. At the time of creation, I was simply interested artistically in Mother Shipton and the surrounding folklore; only in retrospect I recognise the evident themes of being blocked and the work’s function as a visual depiction of repression. To further illustrate the point, when making this piece I blocked the drain with mud.


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